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Differential Equations Seminar

Matthias Gobbert, UMBC

Monday, April 24, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Mathematics/Psychology : 401
Title: Challenges and Opportunities in Real-World Simulations
on Modern Parallel Computing Platforms

Abstract: Processors in consumer devices are dual- or quad-core CPUs today.  State-of-the-art distributed-memory computer clusters contain multi-core CPUs with 8 to 16 cores. Most recently, a second-generation of the Intel Xeon Phi many-core processor has more than 60 cores with 16 GB of high-performance on-chip memory. This processor is ideally suited for many applications, in particular if they require large-scale parameter studies, such as in the context of uncertainty quantification. We use calcium induced calcium release (CICR) as a motivating
application, which brings out the challenges of porting code to new hardware as well as the opportunities for numerical method design. Exciting research opportunities exist in all three directions of designing new numerical methods, of improving the implementation of methods to take advantage of the computer architectures, and of extending the physiological model of the heart cell. This research is in collaboration with Dr. Brad Peercy and other researchers.