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Administration and Staff

  Office Phone Email
Dr. Animikh Biswas
Department Chair
MP 406 410.455.2405
Dr. Andrei Draganescu
Graduate Program Director
Applied Mathematics
MP 420 410.455.3237
Dr. Yi Huang
Graduate Program Director
MP 409 410.455.2422
Dr. Bradford Peercy
Undergraduate Program Director
MP 436 410.455.2436
Dr. Kalman Nanes
Mathematics Program Advisor
MP 439 410.455.2439
Dr. Elizabeth Stanwyck
Statistics Program Advisor
Sherman B Wing, 148B 410.455.5731
Ms. Margaret (Maggie) Kennedy
Department Manager
MP 408 410.455.3296
Ms. Janet Burgee
Department Coordinator
MP 404 410.455.2401
Ms. Marshall Turner
Administrative Assistant II
MP 410 410.455.2484
Mr. Boris Alemi
Computer Systems Administrator
MP 413 410.455.3294
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