BS, BA, and Minor Programs in Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers degree programs leading to Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics, and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Statistics.

Within the BA and BS programs in Mathematics the following Areas of Specialty are available:

  • Specialty toward Graduate Studies
  • Specialty in Applied Mathematics
  • Specialty in Optimization and Operations Research
  • Specialty in Actuarial Science
  • Specialty in Statistical Sciences
  • Specialty in Mathematics Education

Within the BS program in Statistics, the following Tracks are available:

  • Mathematical Statistics Track
  • Applied Statistics Track

Students in other departments may pursue a minor or a second major in Mathematics or Statistics:

  • Minor in Mathematics
  • Minor in Statistics
  • Minor in Biomathematics

Questions on Mathematics and Statistics foundations courses

Questions about 100- or 200-level Mathematics or Statistics courses, such as prerequisites, or problems signing up for a course, should be directed to the course’s instructor.

The evaluation of transfer credits is handled by UMBC’s Registrar’s Office. You will find forms and instruction for this purpose in their website. Course placement is administered through the Academic Success Center.

ARTSYS (The Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities) maintains a database of course equvalencies for tranfer purposes.

Declaring or changing to a Mathematics/Statistics major/minor

Students interested in declaring a Mathematics or Statistics major or minor should fill out a Change of Major Form from the Registrar’s Office and submit it to the Departmental Coordinator, Ms. Janet Burgee, in MP 410. She will then forward your completed form to the Registrars Office and assign you a Mathematics/Statistics Advisor.

Advising for majors/minors and general questions

For general questions on the Mathematics or Statistics programs, contact the appropriate person in the Points of contact paragraph below.

Current Mathematics or Statistics majors and minors can locate the name of their academic advisor on the bulletin board across from the Math/Statistics Office in MP 410 or in myUMBC in the Advising and Student Support topic under My Advisors. All students who have been assigned an advisor should make appointments directly
with him or her. Students who wish to switch advisors should contact Ms. Janet Burgee; see below. The following links and forms serve as resources during advising meetings:

(*) Students who joined UMBC prior to Fall 2022 may optionally use the following alternative (old) forms:

Points of contact

Program Coordinator: Ms. Janet Burgee
Phone: 410–455–2401
Location: Math/Psychology Building, Room 410

Mathematics Program Advisor: Dr. Kalman Nanes
Phone: 410–455–2439
Location: Math/Psychology Building, Room 439

Statistics Program Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Stanwyck
Phone: 410–455–5731
Location: Math/Psychology Building, Room 404