[photo] Baek, Seungchul
Assistant Professor, PhD 2018, University of South Carolina
Office MP411 — Phone 410.455.2406 — Email baek@umbc.edu

Research: Dimension reduction, semiparametrics, high-dimensional data analysis
[photo] Baradwaj, Raji
Principal Lecturer, MS 1990, Texas A&M University, MS 1987, University of Madras
Office Sherman B Wing, 148D — Phone 410.455.2403 — Email raji@umbc.edu

Recognition: 2013 Carl S. Weber Award for Excellence in Teaching
[photo] Biswas, Animikh
Professor and Department Chair, PhD 2000, Indiana University
Office MP406 — Phone 410.455.2405 — Email abiswas@umbc.edu

Research: Analysis of PDEs, mathematical fluid dynamics
[photo] Chatterjee, Ansu
Professor, PhD 2000, Indian Statistical Institute
Office MP418 — Phone 410.455.2235 — Email snigchat@umbc.edu

Research: Foundations of data sciences, ethical AI, resampling, Bayesian and other conditional inference, small area statistics, digital twins and personalized healthcare, climate analytics

Recognition: Sinha Ennovate Chair of Statistics
[photo] Dean, Brian
Lecturer, PhD 2004, Johns Hopkins University
Office Sherman B Wing, 148E — Phone 410.455.2609 — Email bdean@umbc.edu
[photo] Draganescu, Andrei
Associate Professor, PhD 2004, University of Chicago
Office MP420 — Phone 410.455.3237 — Email draga@umbc.edu

Research: Numerical analysis, multigrid methods for inverse problems, numerical methods for Hamiltonian differential equations
[photo] Gobbert, Matthias
Professor, PhD 1996, Arizona State University
Office MP416 — Phone 410.455.2404 — Email gobbert@umbc.edu

Research: Numerical analysis, scientific and parallel computing, industrial and computational mathematics

Recognition: University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Award for Mentoring
[photo] Gowda, Muddappa
Professor, PhD 1982, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Office MP431 — Phone 410.455.2431 — Email gowda@umbc.edu

Research: Applied analysis, optimization

Recognition: UMBC Presidential Teaching Professor
[photo] Güler, Osman
Professor, PhD 1990, University of Chicago
Office MP428 — Phone 410.455.2421 — Email guler@umbc.edu

Research: Convex programming, computational complexity, interior-point methods, mathematical programming
[photo] Hoffman, Kathleen
Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement, PhD 1997, University of Maryland, College Park
Office MP434 — Phone 410.455.2434 — Email khoffman@umbc.edu

Research: Calculus of variations, differential equations, mathematical biology, singular perturbation theory

Recognition: University System of Maryland’s PROMISE AGEP Outstanding Faculty Mentor
[photo] Huang, Yi
Associate Professor, PhD 2007, Johns Hopkins University
Office MP409 — Phone 410.455.2422 — Email yihuang@umbc.edu

Research: Average treatment/exposure effect evaluation, biostatistical methods and applications in biomedical, public health and policy research
[photo] Kang, Hye-Won
Associate Professor, PhD 2008, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Office MP424 — Phone 410.455.2424 — Email hwkang@umbc.edu

Research: Stochastic modeling, analysis, and simulation of biological systems
[photo] Kang, Weining
Associate Professor, PhD 2005, University of California, San Diego
Office MP403 — Phone 410.455.2433 — Email wkang@umbc.edu

Research: Probability theory, stochastic processes, and their applications
[photo] Kifle, Yehenew
Assistant Professor, PhD 2013, University of Ghent, Belgium
Office MP426 — Phone 410.455.2972 — Email yehenew@umbc.edu

Research: Time-to-event modeling, frailty models, clustered data modeling, and statistical meta-analysis
[photo] Kvalheim, Matthew
Assistant Professor, PhD 2018, University of Michigan
Office MP432 — Phone 410.455.2432 — Email kvalheim@umbc.edu

Research: Dynamical systems, control theory, applied topology and geometry
[photo] Mahawattege, Rasika
Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD 2022, University of Memphis
Office MP438 — Phone 410.455.2438 — Email rasikam1@umbc.edu

Research: Partial differential equations, control theory, numerical methods
[photo] Malinovsky, Yaakov
Associate Professor, PhD 2009, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Office MP421 — Phone 410.455.2968 — Email yaakovm@umbc.edu

Research: Design theory, stochastic ordering, sampling, group testing, and nonparametric methods
[photo] Mathew, Thomas
Professor, PhD 1983, Indian Statistical Institute
Office MP415 — Phone 410.455.2418 — Email mathew@umbc.edu

Research: Inference in mixed models, multivariate analysis, exposure data analysis, tolerance regions, bioequivalence testing

Recognition: UMBC Presidential Research Professor
[photo] Nanes, Kalman
Senior Lecturer, PhD 2009, Northwestern University
Office MP439 — Phone 410.455.2439 — Email knanes@umbc.edu

Research: Dynamical Systems, especially partial hyperbolicity; also the scholarship of teaching and learning
[photo] Neerchal, Nagaraj
Professor, PhD 1986, Iowa State University
Office MP437 — Phone 410.455.2437 — Email nagaraj@umbc.edu

Research: Time series analysis, overdispersion models, environmental statistics, data analysis

Recognition: University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Award for Innovation
[photo] Nguyen, Thu
Assistant Professor, PhD 2014, Lille 1 University of Science and Technology, France; PhD 2020, Wayne State University
Office MP407 — Phone 410.455.2407 — Email thu.nguyen@umbc.edu

Research: Stochastic Approximation, Monte Carlo Methods, Bayesian Estimation/Inference, Machine Learning, Stochastic Systems, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Simulation, Dynamical Systems
[photo] Park, DoHwan
Associate Professor, PhD 2005, University of Missouri–Columbia
Office MP423 — Phone 410.455.2408 — Email dhpark@umbc.edu

Research: Longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, semiparametric and nonparametric methods, and biostatistics
[photo] Peercy, Bradford
Professor, PhD 2003, University of Utah
Office MP436 — Phone 410.455.2436 — Email bpeercy@umbc.edu

Research: Mathematical biology, differential equations, bifurcation theory, perturbation theory
[photo] Potra, Florian
Professor, PhD 1980, University of Bucharest
Office MP429 — Phone 410.455.2429 — Email potra@umbc.edu

Research: Numerical optimization, simulation of multibody systems, numerical solution of nonlinear differential and integral equations, bioinformatics
[photo] Rathinam, Muruhan
Professor, PhD 1997, California Institute of Technology
Office MP433 — Phone 410.455.2423 — Email muruhan@umbc.edu

Research: Numerical approximation of stochastic dynamical systems, stochastic dynamics in biochemistry and financial markets, geometric nonlinear control theory
[photo] Rostamian, Rouben
Professor, PhD 1977, Brown University
Office MP402 — Phone 410.455.2458 — Email rostamian@umbc.edu

Research: Partial differential equations, mathematical modeling, fluid and solid mechanics, computational mathematics
[photo] Roy, Anindya
Professor, PhD 1999, Iowa State University
Office MP435 — Phone 410.455.2435 — Email anindya@umbc.edu

Research: Time series analysis, nonparametric Bayesian methods, high-dimensional estimation and inference, estimation and inference under geometric constraints, sequential design
[photo] Shen, Jinglai
Professor, PhD 2002, University of Michigan
Office MP417 — Phone 410.455.2402 — Email shenj@umbc.edu

Research: Control theory, nonsmooth switching systems, continuous and dynamic optimization, nonlinear and geometric control theory
[photo] Sinha, Bimal
Professor, PhD 1973, University of Calcutta
Office MP414 — Phone 410.455.2347 — Email sinha@umbc.edu

Research: Multivariate analysis, statistical inference, linear models, decision theory, robustness and asymptotic theory

Recognition: UMBC Presidential Research Professor; and
University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Award for Research
[photo] Sousedík, Bedřich
Associate Professor, PhD 2008, Czech Technical University in Prague; PhD 2010, University of Colorado Denver
Office MP427 — Phone 410.455.3298 — Email sousedik@umbc.edu

Research: Computational mathematics, numerical analysis, scientific computing, uncertainty quantification, stochastic finite elements, domain decomposition, multigrid
[photo] Stanwyck, Elizabeth
Principal Lecturer, PhD 2011, UMBC
Office Sherman B Wing, 148B — Phone 410.455.5731 — Email estanwy1@umbc.edu
[photo] Suri, Manil
Professor, PhD 1983, Carnegie Mellon University
Office MP419 — Phone 410.455.2311 — Email suri@umbc.edu

Research: Numerical analysis, partial differential equations

Recognition: UMBC Presidential Teaching Professor; and
Distinguished University Professor
[photo] Tighe, Bonny
Senior Lecturer, BS 1970, Pennsylvania State University
Office MP425 — Phone 410.455.2425 — Email tighe@umbc.edu

Recognition: 2009 Carl S. Weber Award for Excellence in Teaching
[photo] Webster, Justin
Associate Professor, PhD 2012, University of Virginia
Office MP430 — Phone 410.455.2183 — Email websterj@umbc.edu

Research: Nonlinear evolution partial differential equations, dynamical systems, fluid-structure interactions, aeroelasticity


Emeritus Faculty

[photo] Bell, Jonathan
Professor emeritus, PhD 1977, University of California, Los Angeles
Email jbell@umbc.edu

Research: Mathematical biology, mathematical finance, partial differential equations, applied mathematics
[photo] Bhatia, Nam
Professor Emeritus, PhD 1962, Technische Universität Dresden
Phone 410.730.3271 — Email npbhatia@verizon.net

Research: Dynamical systems, chaos, bifurcation, mathematics education
[photo] Lo, James
Professor Emeritus, PhD 1969, University of Southern California
Office MP432 — Phone 410.455.2432 — Email jameslo@umbc.edu

Research: Computational intelligence, intelligent systems, neural networks approach to systems control and signal processing, stochastic systems
[photo] Pittenger, Arthur
Professor Emeritus, PhD 1967, Stanford University
Email pittenge@umbc.edu

Research: General Markov processes, probability theory, quantum computational algorithms

Recognition: Dean Emeritus of the College of Arts and Sciences
[photo] Rukhin, Andrew
Professor Emeritus, PhD 1970, Steklov Institute of Mathematics
Email rukhin@math.umbc.edu

Research: Statistical decision theory, adaptation, admissibility, Bayesian analysis, change-point estimation
[photo] Seidman, Thomas
Professor Emeritus, PhD 1959, New York University
Office MP438 — Phone 410.455.2438 — Email seidman@umbc.edu

Research: Control theory, nonlinear partial differential equations, inverse problems
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