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Graduate Student Seminar

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
University Center : 115
Session ChairIris Ivy Gauran
DiscussantDr. Mathew

Speaker 1: Morgan Strzegowski
A Mathematical Model of Collective Cell Migration in a Three-Dimensional, Heterogeneous Environment
Cells often move in groups throughout various media. Motivated by biological research in Drosophila fly reproduction, we construct an ODE model of cells migrating through a heterogeneous environment. We examine four drivers that cause movement in groups of cells: adhesive, repulsive, migratory, and stochastic forces. Finally, we implement the model and simulate movement to determine how the forces interact to get groups of cells to migrate.

Speaker 2: Abhishek   Guin
On the infinitude of primes
The oldest surviving result in the theory of numbers is probably the fact that the sequence of primes is infinite, usually attributed to Euclid. Generations of mathematicians have amused themselves with finding proofs to this fundamental result. In this talk, we discuss a few of the most interesting proofs, ranging from basic counting to even topology.