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Alumni Speaker Event: Dr. Padhu Sheshaiyer (George Mason U.)

this exciting event takes the place of colloquium on 10/14


Meyerhoff Chemistry : 120

Date & Time

October 14, 2022, 3:00 pm4:00 pm


Title: “Transforming Institutional Practices through Innovative Educational Approaches to Prepare the Next Generation Workforce”

Dr. Sheshaiyer, Ph.D. '98, serves as the Director of the STEM Accelerator
Program in the College of Science as well as the Director of COMPLETE
(Center for Outreach in Mathematics Professional Learning and Educational
Technology) at George Mason University (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences). His research interests include computational mathematics, computational data science, scientific computing and STEM education.

This event is part of the CNMS Alumni Speaker series. There will be no Applied Mathematics Colloquium on this date, as all faculty are encouraged to attend.