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Applied Math Colloquium: Hayriye Gulbudak


Mathematics/Psychology : 106

Date & Time

January 30, 2023, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Title: Multi-Scale Models of Infectious Disease Dynamics and Validating with Data

Speaker: Hayriye Gulbudak (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

Abstract: The bidirectional feedback induced through population and individual-level infectious disease and host immune dynamics requires development of innovative multi-scale models. In this talk, I will introduce structured nonlinear partial differential equation models linking immunology and epidemiology, along with stability analysis and computational tools for simulating ODE-PDE hybrid systems to understand their nonlinear dynamics and application to biological data.  Applying the modeling framework to dengue virus,  we first demonstrate how intermediate levels of antibodies enhance infection severity within a host, and scale up to population wide antibody level distributions evolving through multiple infections by distinct strains and waning immunity.  The model solutions are shown to converge analytically and numerically to derived equilibria. Then we fit primary and secondary dengue infection data to provide evidence of antibody dependent enhancement. These results have critical implications for optimal vaccination policy, and the modeling framework is currently being applied to examine the emergence of COVID-19 variants.