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DE Seminar: Vincent Martinez

CUNY Hunter College


Mathematics/Psychology : 401

Date & Time

October 30, 2023, 11:00 am12:00 pm


Title: On the long-time statistical behavior of a stochastic Coleman-Gurtin equation in the memoryless limit

Speaker: Vincent Martinez

Abstract: We study a class of semi-linear differential Volterra equations with polynomial-type potentials that incorporates the effects of memory while being subjected to random perturbations via an additive Gaussian noise. We show that for a broad class of non-linear potentials and sufficiently regular noise the system always admits invariant probability measures, defined on the extended phase space, that possess higher regularity properties dictated by the structure of the nonlinearities in the equation. Furthermore, we investigate the singular limit as the memory kernel collapses to a Dirac function. Specifically, provided sufficiently many directions in the phase space are stochastically forced, we show that there is a unique stationary measure to which the system converges, in a suitable Wasserstein distance, at exponential rates independent of the decay of the memory kernel. We then prove the convergence of the statistically steady states to the unique invariant probability of the classical stochastic reaction-diffusion equation in the desired singular limit. As a consequence, we establish the validity of the small memory approximation for solutions on the infinite time horizon. This is joint work with Nathan Glatt-Holtz (Tulane University) and Hung D. Nguyen (University of Tennessee—Knoxville).