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Graduate Students Seminar


Fine Arts : 215

Date & Time

November 15, 2023, 11:00 am12:00 pm


Session Chair:John Eustaquio
Discussant: Dr. Yaakov Malinovsky

Speaker 1: Haoyu Ren
Marginal Meta-Analysis Combining Randomized Clinical Trials with Rare Events
The meta-analysis aims to systematically review and synthesize existing literature on rare events, providing an inclusive examination of the methodologies employed, challenges encountered, and the robustness of findings. By consolidating data across studies, we seek to enhance statistical power and draw more reliable conclusions on the incidence, risk factors, and outcomes associated with rare events. It underscores the complexity and challenges inherent in studying rare events. While meta-analysis can enhance our understanding and provide a more precise estimate of rare events.
Speaker 2: Ahmed Alabi
Development of a New Scheme for the Solution of Initial Value Problem in Ordinary Differential Equation
This project focuses on a one-step numerical method for solving ordinary differential equations. A new numerical scheme for the solution of initial value problems of first order in ordinary differential equations was developed. Some illustrative examples to show the performance measure of the scheme in the context of the exact solution were presented. We used MATLAB for the implementation of the methods. Numerical results show that the new numerical scheme for the solution of initial value problems agrees with the exact solution as we vary the step size, it is also observed from the results that the smaller the step size, the more accurate the new scheme.