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Stat Colloquium [Virtual]: Dr. Getachew Dagne

University of South Florida



Date & Time

December 1, 2023, 11:00 am12:00 pm


Title: Does it Matter to Have Study-level or Participant-level Data When Assessing the Effect of Moderation in a Network Meta-analysis?


Meta-analytic methods for combining data from multiple intervention trials are commonly used to estimate the eectiveness of an intervention. They can also be extended to study comparative eectiveness. To do this, a network meta-analysis (NMA) approach is required that combines trials involving direct comparisons within the same trials and indirect comparisons across trials. In this presentation, I’ll talk about extending the existing network methods for main eects to examining moderator eects. In addition, I’ll show how the use of individual participant data (IPD) may increase the sensitivity of NMA for detecting moderator eects, as compared to the traditional NMA that employs study-level eect sizes in a meta-regression framework.