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Graduate Students Seminar


Fine Arts : 215

Date & Time

December 6, 2023, 11:00 am12:00 pm


Session Chair:Lara Scott
Discussant: Dr. Matthew Kvalheim

Speaker 1: Alex Sheranko
Numerical Solution to Reaction Diffusion System
Reaction-Diffusion systems are a mechanism originally suggested by Alan Turing to explain the formation of patterns, especially in biological systems. In this talk, we take a look at a specific Two Species Reaction Diffusion system and apply the Finite Elements Method. We look at some solutions and describe behaviors we expect to see. Finally, we investigate what happens if one of the PDEs is reduced to an ODE.
Speaker 2: Yuxin Zhang
Models and Methods for the Recurrent Event Survival Data
Recurrent event data analysis is a crucial component in many fields, particularly in medical research. Unlike traditional survival analysis, which focuses on time to the first event, recurrent event analysis deals with situations where individuals can experience the event of interest multiple times. Several approaches, including the Andersen-Gill model, the Prentice, Williams, and Peterson (PWP) total time model, and the gap time model, are examined in detail. Also, real-valued data had been applied. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview that can guide researchers in choosing appropriate models and techniques for their recurrent event data analysis, ultimately leading to more accurate and insightful findings.