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Optimization Seminar: Dr. Jonathan Kane


Mathematics/Psychology : 401

Date & Time

February 6, 2020, 10:30 am12:00 pm


Title: Discussion with special guest
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Kane, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Instead of a talk, we will have discussions with a special guest, Dr. Jonathan Kane, (Emeritus Professor, Univ. Wisconsin–Whitewater) who has written a number of books and articles on math competitive exams (see below).

Dr. Jonathan Kane (UW-Madison, Honorary Fellow)

Coordinator of the Purple Comet! Math Meet;
Chair of the AIME Committee (American Invitational Mathematics Exam);
AwesomeMath Summer Program Faculty;
University of Wisconsin Math Talent Search Committee

Some publications:
American Mathematical Contests: A Guide to Success, with Harold Reiter and
Yunzhi Zou, Kendall Hunt, 2018;
Writing Proofs in Analysis, Springer, 2016;
Purple Comet! Math Meet: the first ten years, XYZ Press, 2013;
Debunking Myths about Gender and Mathematics Performance with Janet E.
Mertz, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, January 2012;
Cross-Cultural Analysis of Females Identified with Exceptional
Mathematical Talent with Titu Andreescu, Joseph A. Gallian, Janet E.
Mertz, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, November 2008;
Sudoku Studio (a computer game version of the puzzle)