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Applied Mathematics Colloquium: Dr Dinh-Liem Nguyen

Kansas State University



Date & Time

March 12, 2021, 2:00 pm3:00 pm


Title. Advances in sampling methods for inverse scattering problems

Abstract. Broadly speaking, inverse scattering problems are the problems of determining information about an object (scatterer) from measurements of the field scattered from that object. These problems have applications to such diverse areas as nondestructive testing, geophysical exploration, medical imaging, and radar. Sampling methods, which were initiated by Colton and Kirsch in 1996, have become a major and efficient approach for solving inverse scattering problems. Compared with iterative optimization-based methods, sampling methods are fast, non-iterative, and essentially do not require a priori information about the unknown scatterer. In this talk, we will discuss some of our recent results on new types of sampling methods for inverse scattering problems.