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Graduate Students Seminar

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Date & Time

October 20, 2021, 11:00 am12:00 pm


Session Chair:Mike Retzlaff
Discussant:Dr. Justin Webster

Speaker 1: Maria Deliyianni
Linear Cantilevered Plates
Flutter is defined as a self-excitation of a thin structure where a surrounding flow destabilizes its natural elastic modes.  Cantilevered plates are particularly prone to flutter, and it has been shown that this instability can induce large displacements from which mechanical energy can be captured. To examine this phenomenon nonlinear models must be utilized, but prior to this, it is important to establish the theory that corresponds to the case of linear cantilevered plates.  In this talk we will introduce the equations that describe a linear plate on a rectangular domain and go over the semigroup well-posedness obtained by the Lumer-Phillips theorem. In addition, we will see how the corners of the boundary, along with the mixed boundary conditions, impose a significant challenge with the elliptic regularity associated with the system.  Consequently, this precludes the interpretation of the free boundary conditions classically through trace theorem, and thus a more generalized definition of those conditions will be introduced.

Speaker 2: Mark Ramos
Addressing Small Sample Replicates in Logfold Change Multiple Testing
The problem of small sample replicates in logfold change-based experiments is addressed. A 2-stage method was constructed that addressed the mag-nitude of the signal and the variability of the signal separately.  It is shown that the method controls false discovery rate, and that it performs competitively compared to baseline method when there is considerable variability in the weighted counts of repli-cates coming from the alternative distribution.