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Applied Mathematics Colloquium: Dr Michael Malisoff

Louisiana State University



Date & Time

February 18, 2022, 2:00 pm3:00 pm


Title: Event-Triggered Control Using a Positive Systems Approach

Abstract: Control systems are a class of dynamical systems that contain forcing terms. When control systems are used in engineering applications, the forcing terms can represent forces that can be applied to the systems. Then the feedback control problem consists of finding formulas for the forcing terms, which are functions that can depend on the state of the systems, and which ensure a prescribed qualitative behavior of the dynamical systems, such as global asymptotic convergence towards an equilibrium point. Then the forcing terms are called feedback controls. Traditional feedback control methods call for continuously changing the feedback control values, or changing their values at a sequence of times that are independent of the state of the control systems. This can lead to unnecessarily frequent changes in control values, which can be undesirable in engineering applications. This motivated the development of event-triggered control, whose objective is to find formulas for feedback controls whose values are only changed when it is essential to change them in order to achieve a prescribed system behavior. This talk summarizes the speaker's recent research on event-triggered control theory and applications in marine robotics, which is collaborative with Corina Barbalata, Zhong-Ping Jiang, and Frederic Mazenc. The talk will be understandable to those familiar with the basic theory of ordinary differential equations. No prerequisite background in systems and control will be needed to understand and appreciate this talk.